What's Next in Cloud and Security

MyBroadband’s Cloud and Security Conference 2023 will take place on 8 June 2023 – providing industry-leading insights into fields like cloud, backup, data centre, hosting, and security. On this special series of What's Next, Aki sits down with this year's conference speakers to find out more on why they chose to speak at this premier event.

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Conference Speakers

Find out more about our conference speakers and sponsors

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In this interview, Behr explains why Liquid C2 decided to become an event sponsor at the Cloud & Security Conference 2023.

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In this interview, Syse discusses VMware’s Gold Sponsorship at the 2023 Cloud & Security Conference, and what he is most looking forward to at the event.

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In this interview, Bouwer discusses the benefits of managed cloud solutions and when they are most suitable.

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In this interview, Hlatshwayo discusses Cloud FinOps – including why it is relevant and why businesses should care about it.