Episode 6 - Anton Kopytov from CloudSmiths discusses the power of Salesforce Data Cloud

In this What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interview, Head of MarTech and Data Product at CloudSmiths Anton Kopytov explains the benefits of Salesforce Data Cloud.

Kopytov is a visionary technology leader with over two decades of experience leading digital transformations across various industries.

He is renowned for crafting robust technical roadmaps and driving significant organisational advancements globally.

Kopytov begins this interview by explaining what CloudSmiths does and what his role at the company entails.

He then discusses the role CloudSmiths plays as a Salesforce Partner, before expanding on the value of Salesforce Data Cloud for South African businesses.

Kopytov explains how it helps businesses thrive in a rapidly evolving data landscape by helping them better understand their customers – and how CloudSmiths approaches integrating Salesforce Data Cloud into its clients’ systems.

Kopytov also covers several emerging trends in the data management sector – including AI and machine learning – and discusses how CloudSmiths takes these trends into account when helping its clients leverage the full power of Salesforce Data Cloud.

He concludes the interview by sharing how their Salesforce Data Cloud Workshops help participants learn more about the solution and how it addresses specific business challenges.

Find out more about CloudSmiths Data Cloud Workshop here:

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