Episode 12 - Satish Nrusimhadevara and Venicia Solomons discuss cybersecurity in the cloud

Episode 12 - Satish Nrusimhadevara and Venicia Solomons discuss cybersecurity in the cloud

Satish Nrusimhadevara is the Vice President and Business Head for Africa at HCL Technologies, and Venicia Solomons is the Senior Security Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. Nrusimhadevara is a global IT leader who has 25 years of experience in IT infrastructure and digital transformation. Solomons is an accomplished professional who has a demonstrated history of working in the information and cyber security industry.

In this episode of What’s Next, Solomons discusses the key market trends that enterprises should be monitoring in terms of cloud adoption, and Nrusimhadevara provides real-life examples of how enterprises have been approaching the complexity that comes with multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. Solomons then explains how moving to the cloud can actually protect businesses, such as through business continuity and disaster recovery, before discussing whether the acceleration of cloud adoption has led to the evolution of more sophisticated cyber threats. Nrusimhadevara continues by detailing the common challenges that organisations are facing while transitioning to the cloud, and Solomons outlines the key indicators that show whether an enterprise has the right skills to complement its installed security controls. The interview concludes with Solomons and Nrusimhadevara talking about how Microsoft and HCL Technologies offer unique value within the cybersecurity space, particularly in the context of end-to-end cybersecurity.

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