Episode 8 - Marc Emert from SAP explains why personalisation is key in customer experience

Episode 8 - Marc Emert from SAP explains why personalisation is key in customer experience

Marc Emert is the Customer Experience Manager at SAP, and has over 10 years of software selling experience in both B2B and B2C environments. This has involved servicing, selling, and consulting to top South African corporates, and Emert has extensive experience selling SaaS products such as CRM, Marketing Automation, CIAM, ECPM, eCommerce solutions, CDPs, and much more. SAP’s Customer Experience division focuses on rapid transformation and agility across all channels, and makes products that cut costs, time, and complexity so that businesses can focus on innovation and strategy.

On this episode of What’s Next, Emert explains that he encounters many businesses that are lacking in their customer experience approaches because they aren’t prioritising a personalised relationship. He details how the national lockdown has driven major change within the customer experience industry, and how personalisation has been key to this – making it a must for all businesses. Emert also provides examples of how certain businesses are approaching customer experience correctly, such as Amazon, which prioritises a personalised customer experience in almost everything it does. He then explains how SAP’s customer experience solutions helps businesses collect important front-office and back-office data in a GDPR and POPIA-compliant way. This data is then fed into marketing automation systems, which enables you to provide a superior, personalised experience to your customers.

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