Episode 13 - Melio AI CEO Merelda Wu on how businesses can benefit from enterprise Machine Learning

In this What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interview, Merelda Wu – Co-Founder and CEO of Melio AI – unpacks the services her business offers and explains how South African businesses can benefit from AI and machine learning (ML). Wu is an ML evangelist who holds a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Wits University.

In this interview, Wu explains what Melio AI does and which client segments it focuses on.

She unpacks the major benefits businesses enjoy from building their own enterprise ML platforms and embracing a data-driven culture. Wu also highlights the challenges that must be navigated to realise these benefits, and explains how Melio AI helps businesses adopt and maximise the value of their enterprise ML platforms.

She then details the importance of having multi-skilled teams when developing enterprise ML solutions, before giving businesses tips to accelerate their time to delivery while retaining quality.

Lastly, Wu explains how IT teams can work with Melio AI to prove the ROI of an enterprise ML platform to their organisations.


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