Episode 18 - Thato Matsio explains the importance of the Northern Cape School Connectivity project

In this What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interview, Thato Matsio – The Impact Catalyst Head of Department: ICT and Education – discusses the Northern Cape School Connectivity project.

Matsio has helped customers and organisations deliver ICT projects and programmes for the past 14 years while serving in a variety of important roles, including:
• Acting Manager of ICT Operations and Project Management at the Agricultural Research Council.
• ICT Project Manager and Senior Manager for Hosting and Secure Operations at SITA SOC.
• Project Manager at Anix Consulting.

He has held his current role at The Impact Catalyst for over a year and is passionate about the work being done under his leadership.

Matsio begins the interview by explaining what The Impact Catalyst does and why ICT and education are two of its key focus areas. He then outlines the initiatives his departments focus on and unpacks the impact of the Northern Cape School Connectivity project on the schools that are involved.

He also expands on how the Northern Cape School Connectivity project ties into key topics such as the future of work, 4IR, and the importance of collaboration between the private and public sectors.

Matsio concludes by discussing potential plans for expanding the School Connectivity project to the rest of the Northern Cape, and the support needed to achieve this goal.

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