Episode 11 - Microsoft and Pinnacle experts unpack the benefits of AI in Windows 11

In this What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interview, Microsoft experts John Press and Michelle Olivier explain how AI tools take Windows 11 to the next level.

John Press is a sales and marketing executive at Microsoft Device and Partner Solution Business in South Africa.

He has been with Microsoft for over 16 years and has gained experience across many of its departments, including Product Management, Category Management, Channel Management, and Business Development.

He was joined by Pinnacle Microsoft Product Manager, Michelle Olivier.

Olivier boasts over 30 years of industry experience and has worked across a variety of hardware and software portfolios.

Under her leadership, the Pinnacle Microsoft team has developed several Best Business Practice recommendations that have been used in local and international markets.

Press kicks off the interview by discussing the trends Microsoft is seeing around security, especially as it relates to remote workers.

He talks about the role of an individual’s device and operating system in security and touches on Microsoft’s approach to its own security.

Olivier then highlights the urgency of the looming end-of-support date for Windows 10 and explains what this means for users.

She also discusses what can be done to mitigate the risks of having an unsupported operating system.

Press discusses how Windows 11 is being improved for users through features such as Microsoft’s AI tool, Copilot.

He unpacks how Copilot differs from ChatGPT, how users can benefit from it, and who can access it.


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