Episode 12 - PEP Chief Executive Michael Silke on the success of the PAXI parcel delivery service

In this What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interview, PEP Chief Executive Michael Silke discusses PAXI – PEP’s counter-to-counter parcel delivery service.

Silke has over 21 years of experience in the retail sector – much of which has been with PEP.

In his current role, Silke oversees all PEP’s departments – including Cellular, Financial Services, FMCG, and PAXI.

In this interview, Silke begins by explaining why PEP decided to launch its PAXI parcel service.

He then unpacks how the solution has evolved since its inception, as well as who its core user base is currently.

Silke talks about the benefits available to businesses that use the service, too, before discussing the upcoming developments PAXI for Business has in store.

He concludes the interview by providing interesting statistics about the number of parcels sent by PAXI since its launch.


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