Episode 21 - Everest Wealth CEO Thys van Zyl discusses the impact of South Africa’s election on local markets

In this What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interview, Everest Wealth CEO Thys van Zyl discusses the upcoming national elections and their impact on local markets.

Van Zyl is passionate about private equity and alternative investments and has earned a reputation as one of South Africa’s best financial planners.

He has worked in the industry throughout the past decade and takes a unique approach to local and international investments.

Van Zyl begins the interview by outlining Everest Wealth’s offerings and its success to date.

He then provides insight into investing in the JSE in 2024 and highlights the alternative investing options he’s paying particular attention to this year.

Van Zyl also discusses how the South African elections are influencing local markets and how the potential results are causing uncertainty.

He concludes the interview by explaining how South Africans must approach investing during this time of uncertainty — and how Everest Wealth can help.


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