Episode 3 - Supersonic MD Carolyn Holgate on why they prioritise the customer journey

In this What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interview, Supersonic Managing Director Carolyn Holgate unveils her customer-centric vision for the ISP in 2024 and beyond. Holgate unpacks her vision for Supersonic and explains how the company will navigate the changing broadband landscape in South Africa.

She emphasizes that because Supersonic is not a tier 1 ISP, the company can be more agile and deliver a superior customer journey to its users. As a result of this, Supersonic’s primary focus is not on specific Internet types — but rather on delivering the services that customers actually want, whichever technologies this may require.

Holgate also details the trends she expects to see in South Africa’s broadband market in 2024 and explains how Supersonic is preparing to adapt to these changes. She concluded the interview by discussing Supersonic’s new business system, Agility, and how this will streamline its core business processes.


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