Episode 5 - Mustek CEO Hein Engelbrecht discusses the company’s biggest focus areas for 2024

In this What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interview, Hein Engelbrecht — the Group Chief Executive Officer at Mustek Limited — discusses the role of education and training services in ending South Africa’s technology skills shortage.

Engelbrecht joined Mustek in 1997 as Group Financial Manager and was promoted to Group Financial Director in 2001.

He was then promoted to Group Managing Director, and spent 14 years in this role before being appointed as Mustek CEO in 2022.

Engelbrecht begins the interview by unpacking Mustek’s 2024 goals after an excellent 2023.

He discusses the industry trends that have caught Mustek’s attention this year before unpacking the biggest investments Mustek has made recently in cybersecurity and cloud.

Engelbrecht also explains the challenges and opportunities that these two investment areas present.

He then talks about South Africa’s technology skills shortage and explains how Mustek is addressing this challenge through education and training.


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