Episode 6 - CipherWave CEO Shamith Maharaj on their new expansion plans

In this What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interview, CipherWave CEO Shamith Maharaj discusses CipherWave’s expansion plans for Africa.

Maharaj has extensive knowledge in project management, network design, network activations, network operations, network management, IT management, and service assurance.

Maharaj joined BCX in 2019 as the Executive for Data Networks before moving to CipherWave in 2023.

Maharaj began the interview by discussing CipherWave’s new strategy and direction for the future.

Part of this new strategy is being an “enabler of enablers”, and Maharaj explains what this means for the South African market.

Maharaj also highlights CipherWave’s focus on client support both at the physical and application layers.

He then discusses CipherWave’s plan to expand into the rest of Africa and details how this benefits existing clients.


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